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We are inspired by organizations that are no longer satisfied with the status quo and are bold enough to do something about it. We believe that your impact, your brand, and your people are drivers for change.

We are a team of visionaries, storytellers, doers, and change-drivers. A compact core team backed up by a network of over 100+ professionals worldwide. By bringing together these decades of organizational and global experience, we can ensure the work we do today benefits us all tomorrow.

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We are a small core team with a big network. And we love to add new talent to this network! If you are agile, creative and not afraid to take on challenges, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out if you are inspired by our mission. Send us a note and your portfolio, and we will be in touch soon.

Global Imprint is on a mission to empower individuals to generate high-impact and lasting change in the world.

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Our team is backed by professionals from all over the world. From marketing and sustainability experts, to nonprofit organizations and disrupters. We all share one passion: accelerate positive change for people and planet.


The economy is changing and it's changing fast. The most relevant businesses today are about more than their bottom line - they are also good citizens of the world. We can help your company pioneer the new Purpose Economy.

Global Imprint is on a mission to empower individuals to generate high-impact and lasting changes in the world.

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