Cause Marketing Explained in 1 Minute

Cause marketing aligns a brand with a cause to produce mutual profitable and societal benefits for both parties.

Today, we're talking about cause marketing.

Maybe you’ve heard of it? Maybe you haven’t.

Essentially cause marketing aligns a brand with a cause to produce profitable and societal benefits for both parties.

These mutual benefits can include creating social value, increasing connection with the public, and communicating shared value, as well as profit.

Cause marketing has actually been around for a while.

It was first introduced in 1976 through a partnership between Marriot Corporation and the March of Dimes.

Today, cause marketing campaigns can run the gamut from large, global causes to smaller, local efforts.

It could be argued that a genuine and well-executed cause marketing campaign is one of the most useful marketing campaigns for both corporations and non-profits.


Non-profits can gain increased funding, exposure, and reliability by aligning themselves with a trusted brand.

At the same time, corporations can experience increased brand loyalty, boost employee morale and retention, and raise sales by ‘sponsoring’ a worthwhile cause.

Or as I like to say, doing good is the new bottom line.

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